Meet the design team behind the new Iron Mark collection.

Qamilla Bjärneroth a fashion designer at Volvo Group Merchandise Services teamed up with Gavin Smart and Nigel Atterbury from the Volvo Trucks design team.
Together they found synergies between the merchandise products and graphical elements from trucks design.

Why is the new Iron Mark Collection important to you?

It has been very exciting to build a new collection from the ground up. We worked a lot with the details, so we could lay the foundation for a lasting collection that can be renewed by adding new products to new categories.

Who is the typical customer for the new Iron Mark Collection?

We wanted to create an attractive collection. Whether you are a truck driver, excavator operator, employee or a fan, you should want to use the products and feel stylish and at the same time be proud of the brand. You should have the sense that the clothes are rich in details, feel well thought through and are fashionable. It was also important to us that the clothes are durable and can be used again and again. We wanted to create a collection using the Iron Mark that suits all Volvo branded business areas.

Tell us about the icons as graphic elements in this new collection?

Some parts of the collection include small machine patterns with selected vehicles from our range, others include symbols inspired by the Volvo vehicles instrument panels. Both graphic elements add a lively, creative, colourful and playful design to the garments. They are mainly used in the kids’ collection, but are also included in some of the adult clothes to bring out the inner child in you. We are also very proud of the exclusive look and feel of the inner lining pattern in selected jackets. This pattern was inspired by the waves printed and embroidered on many garments.

Small machine patterns and symbols from the vehicles instrument pannels are graphic elements in the new Iron Mark collection.


     We worked a lot with the details, so we could lay the foundation for a lasting collection...



The waves inspired also the exclusive look and feel of the inner lining pattern.

Why do you use the words "Evolve natural passion" in the collection?

These are the key words for the new collection and are inspired by the Volvo brand story and values. Evolve reflects Volvos desire to always move forward and develop new technologies. Natural means working towards 100% sustainability and reflects our care for the environment. We designed the collection with passion to stand for quality, functionality and customer satisfaction.


EVOLVE NATURAL PASSION: inspired by the Volvo brand story and values.

Products from Iron Mark Collection - Leisure

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